Interactive Printing
Interactive PrintingInteractive Printing Solutions with Augmented Reality Integration Brand Protection, Business Intelligence Data, Visual Insights, Customer Loyalty Programs, Promotional Feedback, Product Tracking, and more. Branded apps, CMYK+ image coding, Content Creation, Landing Pages.
Branded Apps for AR
Branded Apps for ARMobile applications created for a company to interact with AR. Branded apps typically reflect the company’s identity and feature their logo, slogan, visual identity and style, adding customized reading abilities to recognize images, markers, or objects.
AR, CMYK+, IR, MR, OR, QRNot all Augmented Reality Apps are the same! There are different triggers for web content based on barcodes UPC or QR Codes (matrix or two-dimensional) , Image Recognition IR , Marker Recognition MR, Object Recognition OR, and now CMYK+ coding.
Virtual Trade Show Booth
Virtual Trade Show BoothOnline presence for graphic arts and printing distributors (dealers) Implementing desktop website and mobile applications to promote goods and services, our emphasis on quality, value, and customer service response to render a secure and better purchasing experience.
Virtual Trade Show
Virtual Trade ShowA virtual trade show is an online version of an event at which goods and services for a specific industry are exhibited and demonstrated. The format can be as simple as a basic online directory, expo, summit, training, workspace, job fair, or as complex as a virtual 3D world.
Web2Print Shops
Web2Print ShopsWeb-to-print, also known as Web2Print, remote publishing or print e-commerce is a broad term that refers to doing print business online. Besides e-commerce solutions, we provide website design, hosting, security, email communications, and cross-media marketing.
Print Shop Management
Print Shop ManagementCloud based printing estimate solutions for commercial shops. Complete Print Management ERP Solutions for Commercial Printing & Packaging. Accurate ways of generating quotations, job tickets, ordering materials, print floor analysis, accounting, and reporting.
W2P Franchises
W2P FranchisesFranchising is a method for expanding a business and distributing goods and services through a licensing relationship. Franchisors license franchisees to conduct business under their trade name, but also provide them with an operating system and support.